California to Hold Online Poker Hearing

The legalization and regulation of online poker have been a hot topic in California for quite some time now. Poker fans believe that they should have the right to play online in a safe and regulated environment while some politicians believe that the move could generate a great deal of additional revenue for the state.… Continue reading California to Hold Online Poker Hearing

Online Poker Tips

Don’t play cash poor: as a general rule you should start with 35-50 times the table limit.  If you’ve got nothing in your hand, leave. If you’ve got a cinch hand, make others pay to see your hand. If they’ve got you beat, fold. Don’t try to beat a better player: if you’re lucky, you’ll… Continue reading Online Poker Tips

Online Casino Baccarat Tips

In Baccarat, just like Blackjack, the removal of cards from play creates situations where the changes of receiving particular cards or combinations of cards change. The deductions of certain types of cards favor the Player, although other cards favor the Banker. A good count strategy shows you how to recognize situations that favor betting bankers… Continue reading Online Casino Baccarat Tips

Online Casino Blackjack Tips

Intelligent blackjack players always play in a 라이브카지노 that offers the best rules. To avoid argumentative playing conditions in blackjack, one should always look for the following grouping of rules that are favorable to the player: multiple pair splitting allowed, plus re-splitting aces a single deck game deep deck penetration double down allowed on any… Continue reading Online Casino Blackjack Tips

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